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UIU Becomes Official Bangladesh Chapter of IN4OBE - BDTone24.com
October 25, 2021, 1:38 am

UIU Becomes Official Bangladesh Chapter of IN4OBE

Staff Reporter
  • Published: Monday, June 14, 2021,

United International University (UIU) and the International Network of Outcomes Based Education LLC. (IN4OBE) recently signed a Memorandum of Understanding formalizing UIU’s status as the official Bangladesh Chapter of IN4OBE.

The main objective of this relationship is to bring the transformational promise, mission, and practices of authentic Outcome Based Education (OBE) to the higher and basic educational institutions throughout Bangladesh. IN4OBE is the world’s pioneering OBE implementation and consulting organization, featuring a committed team of visionary educational leaders and consultants with decades of experience in educational transformation throughout the world.

Its operating office is located in St. Petersburg, Florida, USA. Prof. William Spady, CEO of IN4OBE, Prof. Fong Mak, Director, Activity & Events Management and Dr. Wajid Hussain, Director, International MOU Authorizations and Operations shall coordinate with the Bangladesh chapter on behalf of IN4OBE.

With this formal collaboration, UIU intends to expand the practice of authentic Outcome Based Education (OBE) throughout tertiary-level education in Bangladesh and eventually to basic education and high schools.

In its capacity as the Bangladesh Chapter of IN4OBE, UIU will achieve this goal through a variety of undertakings including:  the distribution of OBE information through media of all kinds; conducting national and regional conferences and hands-on workshops on the paradigm, principles and fundamentals of authentic OBE;

presenting papers and conducting Symposia on OBE at professional conferences; working directly with institutions and faculty on outcomes development and aligning curriculum, instruction, assessments, and credit systems; and advising national governing and policy bodies on constructive ways to revitalize educational quality and practice in the country.

Three UIU faculty and officials will coordinate the Chapter’s work Prof. Dr. Hasan Sarwar as the Director of Regional Operations, Prof. Dr. Md. Motaharul Islam as the Director of Regional Communications and Mr. Muhammad J Munir as Member Secretary.

The Bangladesh Chapter at UIU believes that its formal relationship with IN4OBE begins a new journey to establish the power and principles of authentic OBE practice in Bangladesh education.

UIU is ready to work with other educational institution in designing and implementing authentic OBE practices and seeks the good wishes and support of friends and colleagues across the country. For more information please contact Prof. Dr. Md. Motaharul Islam, Director, Regional Communications at [email protected]

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