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ULAB Observed the Independence Day - BDTone24.com
September 29, 2022, 6:59 am

ULAB Observed the Independence Day

Staff Reporter
  • Published: Monday, March 28, 2022,

On the occasion of Independence Day and the National Day, the University of Liberal Arts Bangladesh (ULAB) organized a discussion meeting titled ` Golpo, Chhobi O Gronthonay ’71, and a two-day exhibition of books and photographs of the Liberation War.

The program began in the morning with the inauguration of the exhibition of books and photographs in the lobby of the university campus. This was followed by a discussion meeting at the ULAB Library commemorating the great freedom fighters.

Valiant women freedom fighters Rokeya Kabir and Linu haque graced the occasion as the Guests of Honor. The ceremony began with a minute of silence in memory of the martyred freedom fighters. ULAB Vice-Chancellor Professor Imran Rahman gave a welcome speech.

Rokeya Kabir, described his experience during the liberation war. She said in his speech, there is no such thing as women freedom fighters, all men and women freedom fighters should be mentioned as Bir Muktijoddha.

She said that although women freedom fighters were called Birangana in the synonymous sense of Bir, later Birangana started referring only to women who were tortured during the liberation war. In this way we have disrespected ourselves. It is important to change this mentality.

Freedom fighter Linu Haque said, “Even though we are independent, the war of liberation which we fought in the belief of building Bangladesh, Bangladesh has not been established yet.”

She told the students on purpose that the change we want must first be contained within ourselves. If you can change yourself, it will be possible to achieve the desired change.

ULAB’s Pro-Vice-Chancellor Prof. Dr. Samsad Mortuza spoke on the occasion. Among others, ULAB Treasurer, Registrar, Deans of various faculties, Heads of Departments, Administrative Officers and students attended the event.

1971 History Club and ULAB Shangiskriti Shangshad co-organized the event.

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