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Northeast floods create a high-demand crisis and suffering - BDTone24.com
June 26, 2022, 11:11 am

Northeast floods create a high-demand crisis and suffering

Staff Reporter
  • Published: Saturday, May 21, 2022,
Northeast floods create a high-demand crisis and suffering

As the weather prediction indicates a worsening of the flood situation in the north-eastern region, the need for assistance is rising in the affected regions of Sylhet and Sunamganj. These areas include the cities of Sunamganj and Sylhet.

The victims of the flood have said that they are having trouble obtaining relief supplies since such supplies only come to them after passing through multiple hands. Some of them have said that they have not been granted any kind of assistance.

“We have been cut off from the outside world for the last three days. When we hear that a boat is heading in the direction of our community, we immediately begin gathering aid supplies. However, the government has not provided us with any kind of assistance as of yet “said Sazzad Miah, of Narshingpur village in Sunamganj’s Dowarabazar upazila.

“As the gushing Surma flooded our home, we are in desperate need of food and clean water,” said Jashim Miah, a resident of the Lalpur hamlet in the Sunamganj Sadar upazila.

After delivering help to the people who were taking refuge in flood shelters, the head of the Dowarabazar Sadar union, Abdus Sahid, told those who contacted him that they do not have adequate stock to provide to the afflicted locals.

In addition, the chairman said that he had requested more aid supplies from the upazila administration.

As of yesterday afternoon, the District Relief and Rehabilitation Office in Sunamganj reported that 140 tonnes of rice, 2,000 sacks of food, and TK 12 lakh had been allocated to and delivered to five flood-affected Upazilas.

The district relief and rehabilitation officer, Shafiqul Islam, shared his thoughts as follows: “We provide the designated relief supplies to the administrations of the Upazilas, and they in turn deliver them to the chairmen of the union parishads. After that, members of the Union parishad disseminate the contents.”

“Relief items will reach everyone as the distribution system is operating,” he said, adding that 17 flood shelters across the five upazilas are presently filled. “The distribution channel is working,” he added.

The delivery of aid in Sylhet is not proceeding without hitches. The flooding has spread across the district’s thirteen upazilas.

A total of 15 lakh taka in addition to 305 tonnes of rice and 3,205 bags of food have been distributed across the area.

According to Nurul Islam, who is the district relief and rehabilitation officer, flood victims have sought refuge in 95 different centers.

According to Faruque Mahmud Chowdhury, who serves as the president of the Sylhet chapter of Shushashoner Jonno Nagorik (Shujan), “In the event of a catastrophe of this magnitude, we have a ministry that is responsible for developing a strategy to deal with the aftermath. However, from what we have seen, it is inherently riddled with corrupt practices.”

According to what he stated, “We demand that transparency be assured in the distribution of help, and that the flood-affected communities be labeled “distressed” areas.”

In related news, a piece of a levee that was located on the bank of the Kushiyara river burst right at the estuary of the Barak, the Surma, and the Kushiyara rivers early yesterday morning in the Amolshid neighborhood of the Zakiganj upazila in Sylhet.

According to the assistant engineer working for the Water Development Board in Zakiganj, Mahfuzur Rahman Bhuiyan, about 30 meters of the river protection dam was destroyed as a result of the high currents in the Surma and the Kushiyara rivers.

In spite of this, the Flood Forecasting and Warning Centre reported that the water level of the two rivers had decreased somewhat in a few locations throughout the course of the previous day and a half before 3:00pm (FFWC).

In its report from yesterday, the FFWC stated that the flood situation in the Sylhet district might improve in the next 24 hours starting this morning, but that some other rivers in Sunamganj, Netrakona, and Habiganj might be flowing above the danger level. This morning, however, the situation in Sylhet district is expected to remain the same.

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