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ULAB welcomes freshers of Fall 2021 - BDTone24.com
December 6, 2021, 8:10 pm

ULAB welcomes freshers of Fall 2021

Staff Reporter
  • Published: Sunday, October 24, 2021,

The University of Liberal Arts Bangladesh (ULAB) organized a virtual orientation programme for the freshers of Fall 2021 on Thursday, October 21 at 10:00 a.m. on the Zoom platform. Mr. Zaved Akhtar, Chief Executive Officer and Managing Director of Unilever Bangladesh Ltd. graced the event as the Chief Guest.

In his speech, the chief guest, Mr. Zaved Akhtar, said, “You really realize that collectively as a team cheer up each other and push each other, and that’s when best comes out and don’t let the other person fall behind.” He further added, Against lots of odds, against a lot of struggles, remember to have resilience and patience, and self motivation”.

ULAB’s Acting Vice-Chancellor Professor Shamsad Mortuza welcomed the freshers and gave an overview of ULAB. He urged the new students to always seek knowledge and to present a united front as members of the ULAB community. He also encouraged the newcomers to join clubs to achieve leadership qualities.

Special advisor to the ULAB Board of Trustees, Professor Imran Rahman, said to the freshers, “You come here as a dependent young man or woman, but it is our job to make sure that you get ready for the real world.” He cites online classes as an opportunity, because degrees can be taken from various famous universities of the world using online platforms.

Prof Milan Kumar Bhattacharjee, treasurer; Lt Col Foyzul Islam (Retd), registrar; Deans of the Schools; heads of the departments; faculty members; administrative staff; students and their parents participated in this online orientation. The programme was coordinated by ULAB’s Student Affairs office. The event was held on zoom and broadcast live on ULAB’s official Facebook page.

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